I Studied Art In Pittsburgh

Actually, I studied photography in Pittsburgh. I learned to see in that dirty little town. Through my camera lens I learned to see the difference between light and dark, black and white, contrasts in living and in everyday life. Full color meant full throttle and I was not yet there. I was green. I was young. My eyes were only beginning to open. I learned to watch and observe. I became a voyeur. I felt the seasons go by and paced them by the appearance and disappearance of the leaves on the trees. Click. I watched the flow of the rivers and the flames shoot to the sky from the few remaining steel mills that sat on their banks. I climbed its hills, walked its bridges. Click. I swung from the trees on rope swings. I studied the wildlife of the streets, watched the people coming and going, sitting and eating, young and old. Click. I explored abandoned buildings and thrift shops. I studied faces as they ate lunch at the Customs House. I watched snow fall. I found character in the faces of my fellow students. Click.

Other artists also lived and studied there.

Other artists also went on their way.

I Studied Art In Pittsburgh

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