This Just In

Today is bright and sunny and warm. There is peace in the air. There is no war. We’ve brought our troops home. We did so the minute our befuddled president choked on a donut this morning. Everyone’s bank accounts increased by one hundred thousand dollars overnight. There are no homeless. There is compassion and wealth of experience in the world. An experience that will guide us to do right and ‘good’ things from now on. If we do ‘bad’ things it is because they are fun and no one will get hurt, except maybe ourselves, but that’s our individual responsibility to self. The Dalai Lama has finally gone home to Lhasa and will live out his life in peace, teaching and instructing and meditating. All of our cars were converted to electricity overnight and maglev highways are under construction. No one in the world has gone hungry today thanks to the proper distribution of our over abundance of food. No one died an unatural death. A cure for AIDS and Cancer have been found. Cigarettes do not exist. Knowledge is venerated. Censorship does not exist. Artists are free to create and writers are free to speak their minds. Debate is rampant but used to open not somebody else’s mind, but our own. Language is not a barrier but a way to come together. There is only organic food in the store. Everyone is working at a job they love. All animals are treated with love and respect, as are people who are joined in all walks of humanity.

The world is a beautiful place.

This Just In

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