Music Is The Devil’s Work …

That’s what my Uncle Jim used to say.

This was back in the day when David Bowie wearing a dress was still considered to be a weird and frightful thing.

My Uncle Jim telling me to not listen to Rock and Roll because it had devilish influences was really an odd thing to me, since that side of the Bohemian family was raised on all kinds of music and my mother was a fan of Elvis and had her own band. I suppose my Uncle thought that if electricy was added to it, it made the music more evil somehow.

In any case I always have a few favorite songs on my playlist, by various different kinds of artists, and today as I was listening to one of them I realized that a perfectly harmonized and crafted song (with or without electricity), contrary to what my Uncle believed, is truly a beautiful thing – a metaphor for all that’s right and good in the Universe.

Music Is The Devil’s Work …

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