Objets Project


Given my personal economics as well as that of the Bay Area, I don’t have a studio to work in, so most of my work has now moved into my camera and onto my laptop.

About a year ago, I started keeping a sketchbook, being inspired by my friend Lulu Stanley’s journals. I never really liked keeping sketchbooks. The ones I’ve kept in the past tended to get filled with grocery lists rather than drawings, but last year I made a commitment with this one to only draw in it. I’m keeping it simple with line drawings of random things, but since I hang out a lot in the cafes in my Berkeley neighborhood, I tend to draw a lot of paper cups and chairs and tables.

This sketchbook grounds me because the sketches are not heady or abstract in the sense that my “serious” work is.

Every now and then, I’ll post an image of a sketch of the day. Just to let you know I’m still working :) I’m just a few pages over half-way through it, so there’s still quite a few drawings to make in the book.


Objets Project

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