Adding Art To Etsy And Saatchi

For the most part, the only way to purchase my “real” art work, and by real, I mean the work that I made with the intention of exhibiting in galleries or museums, was to either pay me a visit in real life, or contact me virtually through this web site.

As of today I’m starting to add some of my serious work to my Etsy and Saatchi accounts.


On Etsy, I’ve added the Major Disconnect series. I love this series. It combines my love of making art and working in tech. There is at least one piece in there that I would actually be sad to part with, but I hope it goes to a collector who will appreciate it as much as I do. I added it to the Etsy account because of all of my serious work, it kind of goes with the theme of the hardware jewelry. All serious artists make jewelry too, did you know that? It’s kind of a thing we can do in those moments in between things, in between the serious work, or we can feel like we are continuing to create when we are out of ideas for paintings.


Saatchi has a few of the Original L A G T I M E images which can be made into prints. I am also considering adding the Major Disconnect series to the Saatchi account as well – same pricing, you could make the purchase wherever you feel more comfortable spending your money.

Adding Art To Etsy And Saatchi

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