Dream Theatre: Soul Man

This morning in Dream Theatre:

A bunch of pals and I got in a car and made a road trip over to the backroads of Marin. We were the only people cruising on the roads. We rounded a bend and in the field were some new energy machines – futuristic wind turbines … Obama was inside of one and he popped his head out of the big tube to look around. He had these big black alien bug eye sunglasses on. He got out of the tube and he had on this really cool medium blue latex stretchy onesie suit on. Someone handed him a microphone and went into the field and started belting out a great rendition of “Soul Man”.

I wanted to take some photos but my camera was in my bag and I couldn’t get it fast enough, nor could I get the driver of the car to slow down.

All this as we were driving by waving and w00ting!

Dream Theatre: Soul Man

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