In The Sketchbook

Forcing myself to use water colors on small paper. Just messing around!

I am not a fan of small work. I love to work on human sized pieces. I love for my work to be relatable to, in scale, to the size of a human body.

I am also not a fan of using watercolors. I love looking at other people’s watercolors. I love that other artists have the patience to work with them, and can actually make beautiful paintings with them. But it’s not my medium. My painting medium is oil and canvas, and big fat brushes.

Which is why I rarely work in sketchbooks.

I love the idea of sketchbooks, but I feel so restricted by them. Tiny books make tiny work. Tiny strokes. Thin, tiny colors.

I love that sketchbooks exist. I love that other artists fill them up with studies and musings and experiences.

Right now I’m forcing myself to doodle daily with pencil and/or watercolors in a sketchbook. I’m trying not to be attached to whatever I’m doing and most of my scribbles are done either with eyes closed or while watching something on the laptop. I have no studio to work in, and haven’t for a long time, so if I’m ever going to get to paint again, it’s going to have to start in a sketchbook.

In The Sketchbook

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