Total Solar Eclipse Meditation

I can’t make it to the line of the total solar eclipse next week on August 21st. Instead I’ll be in The Mission neighborhood of San Francisco. No matter. What I’ll be doing that day is beginning a meditation around 9am. I’ll be focusing on bringing in the best possible timeline for humanity and the earth to move into.

Right now we are bringing our collective shadow to the forefront. Over the next few months we will be clearing that dark energy so that we can move into a new energetic timeline that is all-inclusive and high-vibe.

During my meditation, which I’ll be doing while the eclipse is happening on the west coast, I’ll be focusing on clearing this energy by focusing my mind on how I want the world to be.

Please feel free to join me and connect in the meditative, ethereal dimension.

There will be group meditations throughout the day, I know of a few that are going to be focused around the 11:11am gateway. So no matter if you sleep in, or miss the time on the clock, think about spending a few moments in silence on eclipse day, visualizing the beauty that can be.

Total Solar Eclipse Meditation