There is something in the chaos of negative space that attracts and creates order in positive space. It is an unseen, yet felt, spark in the air, like before an electrical storm. Similar to air being sucked up into the vortex of a twister, full of dust and moisture and bits and pieces of things found in its path.

I’m sure that this concept could be easily explained by physics, but in my universe it is more than a simple explanation. It is more than mere chaos theory.

When I work on my drawings in the studio, I let my mind wander. I don’t think about any particular subject or concept. I just let my mind go as I work. But I do listen to what it has to say. The thoughts usually come in the form of small phrases from some one sided conversation with the universe, or maybe it’s just a conversation with myself.

Phrases such as: parallel paths, together yet separate, netting the ethers, chaotic organization, lost bytes, clogged pipes, wishes unfulfilled, ideas yet to be born, splitting hairs, roads leading nowhere, lovers not quite entwined, mysteries of an ethereal yet organic nature. Any one of these phrases could be used to describe any one of my drawings or paintings in this series.

This work is a little difficult for me to talk about. I believe that it is up to the viewer to find their own personal meaning in a piece or series of work. I find nothing more enjoyable than sitting back and listening to what others have to say about it. During an Open Studios event, I was amazed by how people interpreted my drawings, by what they saw. Everyone got it on some level — from seeing reptiles, to tree limbs, a spinning vortex, ethernet transporting packets, to something as profoundly holy and complex as a double helix. For some though, the drawings were just marks on paper.