Different Concept Different Process

I put up two different series on the SaatchiArt website. They seem similar, but the concepts and how the images were made are completely different.

Putting All Time In One Image

A lot of contemporary fine art photographers these days are making abstract, painterly images by blurring them. They are usually quite beautiful and it doesn’t take a lot of talent to make these. It’s a process of waiting until a low light scenario happens, like sunrise, late afternoon, or sunset, or even in the night time, and slowly moving the camera while it is making the exposure.

That is what I did for the Mono Lake Series.

Mono Lake

In some ways it is making the effort to put all time, or a lot of time and space, in one image.

Diving Between Space Into The No Time

The images in my LAGTIME series are quite the opposite when thinking about the concepts of time. The LAGTIME images dive into time in a space that does not exist. A place where time, and often times, matter, doesn’t exist. It’s much more experimental – and the process is much more involved.


Both of these series are up on SaatchiArt. If you did not know the story behind them, you might not grasp how different the process in making and the meaning and the concepts behind the series, are.

Please go on over to SaatchiArt. Browse and “like” the work so that it gets some attention :) And if you have an account over there I will follow back.

Different Concept Different Process