Spare Change …

Last night I awoke from a dream. In the dream I was driving The Escape Pod down to Patagonia. As I was driving down some back road in Colombia, I was ambushed by some masked rebels who dragged me out of my car and off to their hideout where they tied me up. They were speaking in Spanish and I had somehow managed to get a wad of cash in my hand to buy my freedom. But that’s not what they wanted. What they wanted to do was watch one of their favorite shows on TV. I whispered to the main guy who was sitting next to me, “I’ll get to go after this is over, won’t I?” He replied, “No, you will never leave here.” And then I realised that he was going to kill me.

I woke up and continued trying to solve my dilema. Even though I was awake, I was still participating in the dream. I started to chant some om mani padme om/s to bring me back into the waking world. Sometimes I have dreams like this when I’m feeling anxious about my survival.

When I’m feeling anxious like this I ask the universe for an answer. What to do? Where to go? Could you throw some cash my way. The universe always responds, with a dime. If I happen to ask during the day, usually I will find a dime on the sidewalk within an hour or so. The dime is always in the middle of the sidewalk. If I ask during the night while I’m sleeping, I’ll find a dime sometime during the next day as I’m walking around – the dog, some errands, whatever.

After last night’s dream I asked the universe for some support. “Show me a sign,” I asked. Show me a sign that I’m on the right path. So as I was walking around today I found a dollar on a crowded city street.

Sure beats a dime.

But just as in my dream, the realization comes that no matter how much money the universe throws at me, no matter how much money I throw at my captors, whether it’s a dime or a dollar or a million dollars, it’s not going to buy my freedom, and death is inevitable.

Spare Change …