Kick in the Pants …

My horoscope the other day said that I should prepare for a good swift kick in the pants. It’s coming soon. Just around the corner.

How does one prepare for such a thing? Some of the time, if I think I am going to get a bad kick, I hunker down and put my shields up. But sometimes, almost all of the time, the better way to deal with a cosmic swift kick is to look at it like an Aikido movement.

The swift kick comes, cosmic foot neatly planted on my ass, but instead of tightening my muscles and standing ground, I begin to move with the kick, just in advance of it, in a fluid movement. The kick never touches me, but I know it was there, I have to make an effort to move with it, so I “get it”, but I’m not hurt in the process. I just go with the flow.

The other trick is to never kick back.

Kick in the Pants …

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