Race With A Ticket Man …

While the dog was out walking me on the other end of his purple leash this morning I noticed that a few of the streets we were walking on had StreetSweeping this morning. I was pretty much in pace with the Parking Ticket Man, who was handing out tickets left and right. It’s really easy to forget StreetSweeping Day when it only happens on the 4th Tuesday of the month.

So as the Ticket Man was writing a ticket, the dog and I turned the corner onto the next block where it was also StreetSweeping Day. There were a number of cars still parked on the street and I knew that the Ticket Man was right behind me.

The dog and I decided to do some good :)

We shouted ‘StreetSweeping Day’ twice in as dignified a shout as possible. We told the gardner to move her car. As we made it down to the next block, we mentioned to the guy standing next to his lone car parked on the street that he should move it. Oh, I will, in a minute, he said. Ha, I said, The Ticket Man is right there!

Everyone said Thank You and Smiled.

I’ve already had a good day … and it’s not yet Noon.

Race With A Ticket Man …

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