Hmmm, No Thanks …

I am constantly being given messages that I am not in the right place for me at this time in my life.

Today’s message came from yet another landlord, or maybe he was just the building manager, of a live/work space who just read me the riot act for wanting to see the space before renting it. He’s tired of showing the space. Hmmm, ok. That will work.

I’ve been looking for a live/work art space for three years now. Sometimes I spend weeks looking and then I give up for a few months. It’s very disheartening. In a place that used to be full of artists’ live/work spaces, it’s almost impossible to find one now. They’ve all been converted into trendy, granite counter-topped lawyer lofts and are priced accordingly.

It doesn’t help that the guy I just got off of the phone with is just about on par with every other landlord I’ve dealt with in the last six years. I don’t quite get why people would give them money.

I decided five years ago that I was never going to rent again. So maybe that energy is still pushing itself forward. I want to feel good about the projects I invest in, and that includes my living arrangements.

So, where to go? I’ve been trying to figure that out for the last year.

Hmmm, No Thanks …

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