Dream Theatre: Resistance Movement

This morning in dream theatre:

I was in a resistance movement, fighting for “good”, fighting for my side(?) (although I know there were guns and bombs, and I could see smoke here and there, the guns and bombs did not exist within my field of dream vision). The sides were clearly drawn at the beginning of the dream, but rather murky towards the end. All anyone wanted to do was to get out of where we were. Concrete building were rubble. Some still stood, partially – three walls and no roof, open to the sky. A maze of disconnected walls. My group gathered in a bombed out building and while inside there we were airlifted in a craft that was like a helicopter. I could hang out and see the environment below us as we rose up into the sky. When we got a few hundred feet up, the earth below us started to collapse in on itself. It started out looking like a sinkhole, but kept swallowing itself until it took every single thing. The entire planet.

Were any of you guys there? There were a lot of people involved ….

Dream Theatre: Resistance Movement

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