New Year New Projects

There are a lot of artists that are guarded from the rest of humanity. I’m not one of them. I am cautious about how I present my work on the web because it could so easily be taken from me, but that is where my line of protection starts and ends.

Unlike a lot of other artists, I like interfacing with humanity. I like being inspired by students and masters in other fields of study, and everyday people and objects. Sometimes it’s a phrase or a turn of a word, or a string (as in string theory) that will take me down the rabbit hole, discovering new ideas as I fly by.

So I’ve decided to blog here from time to time on the things in the universe that inspire my work. Please feel free to join in the conversation through the comments area – help me understand, or call me on my bullshit – either or, or anything in between, will be appreciated.

New Year New Projects

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