Dream Theatre: Urban Nature

This morning is radiantly beautiful – the sun coming up over the East Bay hills is just brilliant! It’s starting out to be a very beautiful light filled day!

I woke up in the middle of the night with a little voice in my head saying, “Look at the clock!” and I did and it was 3:23 and a few seconds later as I was still holding it, it flipped to 3:24, the time I was born.

This morning’s Dream Theatre:

I was standing on a street corner, looking at a scene. The scene was urban and then the scene was of nature. The scene kept going back and forth from one to the other, in a gentle way, not jarring. As people passed me, I asked them what they saw and they would see either the urban or or the woodsy scene, but not both, even as it was changing back and forth for me. Everyone else was seeing one or the other. I was holding both spaces.

Dream Theatre: Urban Nature

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