Dream Theatre: Tsunamis

This morning in Dream Theatre:


This morning’s dream actually had three tsunamis.

The first two would be considered small in dream terms. I could ride the roof of the pod like a surf board and just get jostled around. The jostling made me laugh. When the water went back down the hill towards the bay, we didn’t float off with the current. The pod just settled back into place.

The third wave, though. That was HUGE. Hundreds of feet high. Maybe a mile high. Very difficult to separate the blue of the wave from the blue of the morning sky.

In past tsunami dreams, the tsunami waves had been sort of greenish. This one was a beautiful blue. In past dreams, as soon as I saw a big wave coming in, I would take off running, usually making it to the highest point of land just one second before the wave swallowed everything below me. This time though, I just looked at the wave in awe. I was standing next to the pod, and I looked at the wave and said, “OK, let’s do this!” I threw both my arms straight up over my head, locked elbows, and clasped my hands together. I didn’t know what to expect, and it took another second or two, but as the water hit, it broke off and shattered around me like crystals.

Very holographic-like!

Dream Theatre: Tsunamis

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