Dream Theatre: Archangel Michael

This morning in Dream Theatre:

I had been living in my Mom’s sub-basement (not the basement, but the basement below the basement) in San Francisco (in real life she lives in PA). I had made a comfy cozy place there and I was just in between living situations. You know how that is.

There was a knock at the the door. I answered it. There standing before me was Archangel Michael and a few friends. Michael actually looked like a better looking angelic Brett Michaels (who in real life was born in my home town) and the friends that were with him were all high-vibe people that I’m familiar with and may have talked to in real life, but I’m not personal friends with in real life.

Anyway, Archangel Michael was there to pick me up to go off to this gathering he was speaking/playing at in Golden Gate park. Like, “Hey, we’re here to pick you up!” Yes, it is a common occurrence to have Archangels knocking on my door … 8 )

But before we left the house, he talked my Mom into unpacking her guitar and coming along to sing some gospel tunes (she really used to be a gospel/country singer) but it really surprised me that he was able to talk her into doing that because she hadn’t sang in front of a crowd in years. She seemed really excited about it.

When we got to Golden Gate Park, Archangel Michael insisted on playing a round of miniature golf in this really cool, uphill course in a beautiful fairy-garden mini-golf course. (There isn’t a mini-golf course in GG Park, btw, let alone one that goes uphill and has lots of moss and fairy houses.)

Then we went off to the gathering!

Dream Theatre: Archangel Michael

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