Dream Theatre: Lucifer

Dream Theatre this morning was another out there, only in dreamworld epic movie which kind of went in tandem with the Archangel Michael dream from the other morning.

This morning though it was Lucifer. Charming, handsome, dashing, Lucifer arrived on my doorstep to distract me from my mission.

The social network we were in was slick and well turned out – high fashion, high heels, makeup, cocktails, flowers in lapels, always looking for entertainment, the works. [While the overall colors of the Archangel Michael dream were yellow (golden) and green, the overall tones of this morning’s Luciferian dream were orange, browns, burnt siena, and ochres.] In the dream I kept thinking that I needed to be doing something, something important, but every time Lucifer noticed that I was going into my head, trying to remember what it was, he would up his seduction game.

Somewhere nearby, it could have even been in the sub-basement of this building we were in, or somewhere else, but it was an old stone (think Romanesque) basement where a few people were working on a project. I found them when I was wandering around in the dream on my own, when I had some free time from the crazy social life. The project they were working on was a sand casting of a large pentagram, where the star points extended a bit beyond the circle. The circle and star were fully inscribed with small text in a non-earthly language I did not recognize.

Lucifer found me and distracted me some more with a party full of people, while the people in the sub-basement cast their pentagram in some sort of stone, maybe some sort of concrete. They then stood it upright and rolled it up to the street and over to a bridge, across the bridge and onto a beach. As they had reached the bridge, the earth started quaking. As they continued, fires started breaking out. I made my “escape” from Lucifer (by finding my power and walking away – he tried to bring me back but I stood up to him now that I knew who he was) and took a shortcut to get ahead of the stone. I made it to the beach before they did and took my place at the top of where they were going to drop the pentagram onto the earth.

I felt myself getting stronger and more centered. My mission was to stop these people from completing their ritual, because their ritual would have torn the planet to shreds. (Why? That wasn’t clear). The planet tried to heave and ho these people away, and was doing a fairly good job of trying to scare them into stopping, but once I “woke up” and joined my energy with the planet, it was able to destroy the pentagram as it was put into place at my feet. The pentagram just disintegrated into the beach, becoming innocuous sand.

My mission complete, I was free to wake up.

Dream Theatre: Lucifer

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