My editorial photographs are fairly mundane, still lifes, travel stuff, and the like, and that’s what a lot of people see when they go about looking for my work. Most people don’t see the fine art conceptual photography, nor do they look for the paintings, sculptures, or drawings.

I think that people who see those editorial point and shoots first, or even those who meet me by accident out in the world, think that I would probably paint pretty things – flowers, bowls of fruit, etc. – and that is just so not me.

Editorial photography is just something I do – capture moments of fleeting light while out and about in the world.

Painting and conceptual photography is what speaks to my soul in my quiet times in the studio or temporary work spaces.

I’ve often had people see my abstract work for the first time and be so shocked that I never hear from them again. Poof! I like it better when people meet me as a fine artist, an abstractionist, a color-theorist, a conceptualizer. That way I know that if they make it through our first meeting, they might stick around awhile.


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