Pastel Still Life And Blowing Up Laptop

I blew up my laptop.

Ever since right before the turn of the New Year, I have felt like I am just a pixel off. Feeling like I may have shifted into a different universe. Maybe I did? I have been feeling a little on edge and a little off-kilter. Weird (to me) things have been happening. Some dealing with electricity, some with possible ghosts, some with loss of objects that are dear to me, foreseeing an earthquake, stuff like that.

A couple of weeks ago, right after the New Year, I was sitting at a friend’s house. The laptop was on and I was online. I had been wanting to remember to back up my laptop for weeks and I finally found a moment to do just that. While I was reaching into my bag to grab my external hard drive, I sensed a surge of electricity and heard a POP. My laptop screen went dark and all life force left the machine.

This would not be a bad thing, if not for the fact that, even though I am a techie, I rarely back up my work.

The weird thing was that before this happened, I felt anxious about getting the laptop backed up. This time I was planning on backing up everything. It was like a precog experience. Just like knowing about the earthquake that happened that same week.

I still haven’t figured out how much work I have lost. I know I lost all of the edits I did for the Saatchi images. I lost a lot of my writings. The backups for the web sites. Most of last year’s photography and a lot of editing on my stock images.

Oh well.

I have a loaner laptop right now while I work on manifesting new tech.

Pastel Still Life And Blowing Up Laptop

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