Deconstructing Summer 2023

Kimberly Kradel :: Deconstruction 103

Still deconstructing.

Summer 2023 was full of staying in other people’s homes, one of which I was comfortable in taking my paints along and trying to get some work done. I had two weeks in this house with a garage studio, and I thought to myself, yay! two weeks will give me time to do fourteen paintings on paper with acrylic! Easy-peasy!


In the end, I made these TWO paintings, AND they are actually the same painting. I thought the first one – Deconstruction 102 below – was finished, but when I put a layer of varnish on it, I mistakenly dragged a line of green straight down the middle of the painting. Because of the lighting, I didn’t notice it until the next morning, after it had already dried – sometimes I really miss painting in oils. So on to another layer of paint and a different painting altogether – which made Deconstruction 103, above – which I think, I like better.

Both are acrylic on a half sheet of Lenox 100 archival paper, 15 x 22.

Someday, I will have a painting studio again.

Kimberly Kradel :: Deconstruction 102 (Destroyed)



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