Major Disconnect


Abstractly documenting the miscommunication of a nation …

The Major Disconnect series is probably the easiest of my projects for me to talk about, because in their own abstract way, they are fairly literal pieces. Born out of the debates of the 2004 election, but even more relevant in the current and seemingly ongoing political climate, this work combines both my love of politics and art with my technical background.

Major Disconnect uses the basic cable – CAT5/ethernet – that transports messages between two people or groups over the Internet. In the work, the fact that the cables are cut, or mismatched, or ending in space, not connected to anything, is a testament to the current disconnect between political parties, corporations, the wealthy, and the general public. Using a non-conductive material such as wood as the base for these pieces goes one step further in symbolizing the inability for communications to travel between Points A and B.

Series began in 2005. Ongoing.