Dream Theatre: Off To Council

This morning in Dream Theatre:

I was off to a gathering. It seemed to combine two environments – a campus type setting with modern architecture and a Renaissance Fair.

I knew that there would be thousands of people gathering for this event, so I went a little early and found a place to camp out inside the lobby of one of the buildings on the edge of campus. There was a single bed/cot and I organized the belongings that I had brought underneath the bed. A tall man came over and invited me to come and hang out with his group – they had already set up food tables and sleeping areas and were relaxing and chatting and nibbling on food. Everyone was in good spirits.

I eventually left the building and went out walking around – wanting to see what was going on. This event was a meeting of some sort, and people were coming from “all over” to participate. There were already crowds of hundreds, if not thousands of people. Everyone meeting and greeting. Everyone seemed happy and excited to be there.

Every now and then I would pass someone standing on a “soapbox”, literally a box that made them just a little taller than the rest of the crowd. While standing on the box, they told stories. After a while I realized that people were sharing their life experiences, or their travel experiences – sharing the news.

It was then that I realized that this was a Council Meeting. But rather than talking or discussing galactic politics, we were just sharing our stories.

The main colors in this dream were earthy colors – different kinds of browns, siennas, umbers, and earthy greens.

After wearing my self out from being in the midst of all of this energy, I went back to the lobby where I had claimed the cot and had stored my stuff. I needed some privacy so I turned my corner of the lobby into a private room.

Dream Theatre: Off To Council